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For several years I have watched The Mentalist. Other than my wife and myself, I do not know anyone who else who watches it. This disparity is interesting, considering that The Mentalist has been one of the most watched shows on television in the past few years. It is also currently winning the largest audience among a Thursday night lineup full of historically popular shows. So what is it all about?

On the surface, The Mentalist looks like any other crime show on television. I usually am not drawn in by ubiquitous crime shows like CSI and Law and Order. When I lived in Peru last year, however, The Mentalist had an interesting ad campaign. One of the things that initially appealed to my curiosity was how the wrist watch of the show’s star, Simon Baker, was being promoted as a glamorous item you could buy. (more…)


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For a while I’ve been pondering whether or not I should delete the “Friends” section of my website in exchange for a traditional blogroll.

For those of you who don’t what a blogroll is, it’s generally just a set of links placed in a box on a website’s sidebar that give people a suggestion of the kind of websites you like to read and/or recommend. Without doubt you’ve seen them, even if you never cared to ask what they are called.

I’ve never particularly liked blogrolls, and instead chose to make a more personalized “Friends” section when I created my website. I borrowed the idea from Carl Hiassen, who is one of my favorite authors.

After considerable thought, discussion, and investigation, I’ve decided that I’m going to eliminate the Friends section of my website. I’m also going to forgo replacing it with a blogroll. Instead I will be trying something else that I think will be of more value to me, my friends, and my readers. But before I reveal my new experiment, I’d like to discuss my rationale in greater detail. (more…)

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I always like when businesses choose to show some imagination and personality rather than opt for a stale uniform way of promoting their business. So I was happy to see this sign in a local business called Ike & Jane Cafe and Bakery. (more…)

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Peter Pan's New "Earth-Friendly Jar" label is a classic case of greenwashing.

I recently bought some Peter Pan peanut butter. Being the environmental nerd that I am, I was quick to notice the brand’s new label. Rather than describing their new jar as something that didn’t sound quite as good like “eco-friendlier,” they just went ahead and described their new jars as “earth-friendly.”

The marketing executives at ConAgra Foods, the makers of Peter Pan, apparently thought that their jars merited this description because, as they say on their jar and website: “Our new jar uses 9 percent to 12 percent less per ounce, which isn’t only great for the environment, but for your budget, too.”

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Whenever my wife and I come across a television program that highlights funny commercials from around the world we usually watch because they are good for a few laughs. In that spirit I’d like to share several old Peruvian commercials I found on YouTube. I’m sure there are more that I have missed, but I think these are pretty good.

In the first, a young Peruvian man is propositioned by an American girl who is very horny. He doesn’t understand her very well. He thinks she is saying she wants to go to “Yungay,” a city that was once famously and horrifically destroyed by an earthquake in the highlands of Peru. She’s actually saying that she wants “you guy.” This is a clever advertisement for a company offering english courses.


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