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Each year The Corps Network honors Service and Conservation Corpsmembers whose accomplishments and personal stories exemplify the positive role that Corps serve for individuals and communities nationwide.

As a member organization, we proudly represent over 150 organizations that operate in a total of 46 states and the District of Columbia. Approximately 33,000 young men and women join these organizations each year so that they can make a difference. They work on a broad range of projects, viewing themselves as the modern legacy-bearers of the legendary Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC).

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Scientists at Mexico’s Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico have developed a solar powered air conditioner that is appropriate for their country’s hot and humid climate.

Wilifredo Rivera, who is the head of the University’s Center for Energy Investigation, told Mexican news source Milenio.com that while other countries like Germany and Japan have developed solar air conditioning systems based on their countries needs, he and his colleagues have now designed a machine specifically intended for the climate of Mexico—and as a bonus, it’s easy to maintain. It has only a few moving parts and Rivera says that “the only thing that’s necessary is to keep the set of panels clean to best capture solar radiation.”

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I imagine that there is a lot of hurting going on right now at desks and on couches across the country from D.C. to San Francisco. If you follow environmental news, the depressing word just got out. Some of the headlines include “Senate Democrats abandon comprehensive climate bill” (Washington Post) and “Democrats pull plug on climate bill” (Politico).

This is one of those times where I feel like our government is totally inept. The Democrats have the largest majority they have had in a long time and they can’t even pull off a piecemeal climate bill. They are scared about elections in November and maybe justifiably so. With Democrats poised to lose some seats in the election, it only seems like getting a bill passed is going to become harder. I feel like we should vote out the underachievers we have in office (even though this won’t be productive). They make all of this talk about protecting the earth and the build up leads to nothing.

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My friend Tim Hurst has written a great piece titled “6 Things Getting in the Way of the Smart Grid, and Why We Shouldn’t Worry.” (link)

I thought about putting a link to Tim’s article in my Cool Links section, but then decided that we should be optimistic and hope some of the things Tim writes about come to pass in the near future. Tim brings up this key point: (more…)

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Peru may soon become a wind energy giant by developing projects along its extensive coastline. Estimates suggest that coastal wind turbines could produce around 65,000 Megawatts, 15 times the country's current energy needs.

Last week Peru’s government approved wind, solar, micro hydro, and biomass energy projects that will add 500 megawatts of clean, renewable energy, meeting 12% of the current electricity needs of the country.

This is a crucial boost for a country that currently produces 80% of its electricity via hydroelectric power– an uncertain resource of energy going forward. Peru’s Andean glaciers provide most of the water for hydroelectric dams and they are expected to melt by 2022 as a result of global warming and climate change. However, Peru’s El Comercio suggests that in addition to the more well-known alternative energy projects the government has approved, up to 500 megawatts of energy will also be produced by up to 17 small micro hydro projects that might not be dependent on the glaciers. Some of these facilities are already operational but did not have government contracts prior to this time.

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