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Global climate change is becoming the threat we all feared in Peru. Independent Television News has posted a video of how a large chunk of ice fell into an Andean lake, triggering a tsunami that may have killed three people.

The location of this disaster, Carhuaz, is very close to where one of the most tragic disasters occurred in modern world history. In 1970, a massive earthquake triggered a landslide that killed an estimated 25,000 people who lived in the city of Yungay.


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Peru may soon become a wind energy giant by developing projects along its extensive coastline. Estimates suggest that coastal wind turbines could produce around 65,000 Megawatts, 15 times the country's current energy needs.

Last week Peru’s government approved wind, solar, micro hydro, and biomass energy projects that will add 500 megawatts of clean, renewable energy, meeting 12% of the current electricity needs of the country.

This is a crucial boost for a country that currently produces 80% of its electricity via hydroelectric power– an uncertain resource of energy going forward. Peru’s Andean glaciers provide most of the water for hydroelectric dams and they are expected to melt by 2022 as a result of global warming and climate change. However, Peru’s El Comercio suggests that in addition to the more well-known alternative energy projects the government has approved, up to 500 megawatts of energy will also be produced by up to 17 small micro hydro projects that might not be dependent on the glaciers. Some of these facilities are already operational but did not have government contracts prior to this time.

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Peruvian rock star Pedro Suarez-Vertiz's new album is called Amazonas. Click over to Huffington Post to watch the music video for the album's title track.

One of Peru’s most popular musicians has released an optimistic climate change anthem as the title track of his newest album Amazonas.

While Pedro Suarez-Vertiz has produced numerous hits, he is also well known for writing socially conscious songs. For these reasons, he is a beloved musician and celebrity in Peru. He has also gained an international audience because of songs like “Cuando Piensas en Volver” (When You Think of Returning), an anthem for expatriates who miss their countries.

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NBC News ran a fantastic 3.5 minute segment last week about Peru’s emerging water crisis.

As the country’s Andean glaciers melt, this will mean less water and electricity for everyone. We lived in Huaraz last year near the ice formerly known as the Pastoruri Glacier (shown in the video). It’s a serious issue that’s getting too little attention in my opinion.

I would like to give kudos to my friend Barbara Drake and her husband Jorge Vera for being part of the team that helped NBC to find locations for their shoot and for helping arrange logistics.

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On Friday I wrote about how the Lima district of San Borja planned to light an eco-friendly Christmas Tree using LED lights, wind power, solar power, and bicycles. As promised, here are several photos of the beautiful tree.

San Borja's eco-friendly Christmas Tree at dusk with its wind turbine in the background. (photo © Levi Novey)

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10 Bicycles, a wind turbine, and several solar panels will power the lights of a Christmas Tree in Lima, Peru

Tonight the Lima district of San Borja plans to light an emissions-free Christmas tree in a popular park as part of event called “Magic, Light, and Color: the Energy You Generate.”

The 11 meter high tree will display LED Christmas lights powered by a combination 10 bicycles, a wind turbine, and two small solar panels attached to the turbine. The power from these clean energy sources will be stored in batteries that will help power the tree for the nights to come.

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A paraglider passes over Lima's Costa Verde near the popular LarcoMar shopping center.

My friends over at the news source Living in Peru posted an interesting story last week about how Peru’s police force is planning to conduct regular paragliding patrols over Lima’s 90 beaches this year.

My first thought– “this is cool.”

My second thought– “is it really going to work?” (more…)

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