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Over the past 27 years, nearly 15,000 young Pennsylvania citizens have served in the Pennsylvania Conservation Corps. Aged from 18-25, these individuals have gained valuable work skills, helped bolster their communities through a variety of conservation and disaster relief related projects, and gone on to become productive members of the workforce. Now, however, the program that served as a confidence builder and stepping stone for so many young people has been targeted for elimination.

In an effort to address a $10.4 billion state budget debt, Pennsylvania politicians have decided that eliminating funding for a program that has an approximate budget of $4.6 million dollars will be a step in the right direction (or, for those keeping track, making up for approximately 0.04% of the budget shortfall) . There are people like myself who hope that this does not happen because we think the benefits provided by the Pennsylvania Conservation Corps far outweighs its costs, especially for the 250+ people the program enrolls annually.

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I imagine that there is a lot of hurting going on right now at desks and on couches across the country from D.C. to San Francisco. If you follow environmental news, the depressing word just got out. Some of the headlines include “Senate Democrats abandon comprehensive climate bill” (Washington Post) and “Democrats pull plug on climate bill” (Politico).

This is one of those times where I feel like our government is totally inept. The Democrats have the largest majority they have had in a long time and they can’t even pull off a piecemeal climate bill. They are scared about elections in November and maybe justifiably so. With Democrats poised to lose some seats in the election, it only seems like getting a bill passed is going to become harder. I feel like we should vote out the underachievers we have in office (even though this won’t be productive). They make all of this talk about protecting the earth and the build up leads to nothing.

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Last week the European Union’s Parliament passed new legislation that will halt the entrance of illegal wood into European nations. This is a major victory for forests and wildlife around the world.

Currently it is estimated that 20% of Europe’s wood comes from illegally logged sources that contribute to deforestation, loss of species, global carbon emissions, and economic losses worldwide.

The new laws will help both businesses and individuals who buy products made from wood to ask questions about where the wood comes from and determine whether or not it has been acquired through legal channels. Wood is used to make a vast number of items we use on daily basis including furniture, paper, musical instruments, and flooring.

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Antanas Mockus

Voters in Colombia went to the polls today, and decisively elected a new president. Former defense minister Juan Manual Santos easily captured victory with 69% of the vote. Antanas Mockus, his green party opponent (pictured on right), received only 27%.

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An advertisement for Colombian presidential candidate Antanas Mockus.

Just a few weeks ago it was considered quite likely that Colombia would elect the world’s first “Green Party” president. Now that probability has decreased considerably.

While polls indicated a huge surge for Green Party candidate Antanas Mockus prior to the first round of voting, his mainstream rival Juan Manual Santos captured a much larger percentage of the vote. On May 30, Santos received 46.6% of the vote compared to 21.5% for Mockus. Other candidates kept Santos from gaining an outright majority, triggering a run-off between Santos and Mockus that is scheduled for this Sunday.

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NBC Reporter Mark Murray produced an off-the-cuff gem earlier today by suggesting on MSNBC’s First Read blog that President Obama’s Health Care Summit was based on defeating Republicans using the William Zabka Principle.

Mark Murray, NBC's Deputy Political Director

What the heck is the William Zabka Principle you ask? Here’s how Mark Murray explains it. (more…)

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The White House's 2009 Gingerbread House

When someone recommended checking out the short video from www.whitehouse.gov I have added below about the White House’s ginger bread house, I was curious but also skeptical. The house looks pretty lame on first glance.

But after watching the video I think you’ll be just as impressed as I was by the details included in this 400 pound white chocolate beast. I also wonder if President Obama and his family will get to eat some of it on Christmas Day. Hopefully they send the leftover parts of the house to people in need so they can enjoy them. Although I bet Sasha and Malia are calling dibs on getting to eat Bo the White House dog.

If the video doesn’t satisfy all of your curiousity, for a photo of marzipan-made Bo as well as more detailed information about the gingerbread house check out the Obama Foodorama website by clicking here.

Photo of White House Gingerbread House via Obama Foodorama

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