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I will make it no secret. I’ve been asking my wife for years if we could get a glow-in-the-dark ant farm. Now that our daughter is 3, the moment is imminent when I will probably enjoy our new pets more than she will.

So when I saw news today that Milton Levine had died, “the co-creator of ant farms,”  I felt sad. (more…)


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On the day after Thanksgiving, NPR decided to strangely dump a fantastic piece of evergreen content on the internet. Why they would choose to do this on a day when more people weren’t paying attention I don’t know. It’s an animated video that humorously illustrates an experiment that was designed to find out if ants have internal pedometers– basically, if when they go back and forth to the nest they are counting their steps.

I particularly love the voices of the ants. It seems to me like a good representation of what they would actually sound like if they spoke.


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