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As a crowd-pleasing family film, Dolphin Tale takes few risks but will still most likely be enjoyed by its target audience.

It tells the “based on true events” story of Winter, a dolphin that lost its tail after getting caught in a crab trap off of the Florida Gulf Coast. After rescue and recovery, Winter learns to swim anew, in part thanks to a first-of-its-kind prosthetic dolphin tail. (more…)


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This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting the Georgia Aquarium with my family. I managed to snag some very nice photos (like the saw shark above) that showcase amazing marine environments. (more…)

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There are usually two reasons why Americans choose not to watch documentaries. The first is that they think they will be boring. The second is that they think documentaries will force them to reconsider their actions.

In some cases it is undoubtedly true that “ignorance is bliss.” We all must pick our battles in life if only to maintain our sanity. In other cases though, there are simple, easy things we can do that will profoundly better our world– and this is why you should watch The Cove, an exciting, emotional documentary that suggests that we really have to do very little to keep over 20,000 dolphins from being pointlessly slaughtered each year in Japan.

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Today a killer whale killed a trainer during a live show at the famous U.S. Aquarium known as SeaWorld. It is not clear what will happen as a result of this incident, but at minimum we should reconsider whether or not the educational value of aquariums and zoos outweighs their costs to animals.

According to NBC News several witnesses saw the whale, known as Tillikum, pull experienced whale trainer Dawn Brancheau into the pool. Tillikum then grabbed Brancheau, took her underneath the water and thrashed her around as she presumably drowned.  SeaWorld was subsequently closed for the rest of the day and probably will continue to be closed for an unspecified amount of time.

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