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As a crowd-pleasing family film, Dolphin Tale takes few risks but will still most likely be enjoyed by its target audience.

It tells the “based on true events” story of Winter, a dolphin that lost its tail after getting caught in a crab trap off of the Florida Gulf Coast. After rescue and recovery, Winter learns to swim anew, in part thanks to a first-of-its-kind prosthetic dolphin tail. (more…)


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The Aequorea Victoria species of jellyfish has already helped provide one major scientific breakthrough. Will it lead to another?

A Wisconsin based biotechnology company claims that one of their clinical studies has shown that a protein extracted from a unique species of bioluminescent jellyfish helps improve the memories of Alzheimers patients.

Using a randomized controlled trial, Quincy Bioscience reports interim results indicating that participants who took an experimental drug with the jellyfish protein tested 14% higher on cognitive tests than those who received a placebo.

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This morning while I was getting my daughter ready for preschool we watched one of her favorite television shows, Go Diego Go! I was happy to see that the show had decided to bring up the issue of how animals are threatened by oil spills. But I also thought it was odd how the show made cleaning up a spill seem so easy. Is this the right message to send kids?

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How a New Documentary Depicts Great White Sharks as More than Just Killers

When Sean Aronson began telling people that he was filming a short documentary about great white sharks, he received two typical responses.

“There were always those people who were excited– the shark fanatics. They live and breathe sharks. But there were also a lot of people who sighed and asked, ‘what can be said that hasn’t already been said?’ It’s kind of like celebrity news. You have people who can’t get enough of Brad and Angelina and then you have people that are just completely turned off from it. White sharks have gained that kind of notoriety.”

Now that his film has been released, Aronson thinks he has added something valuable and new to “what has been said” about great whites.

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A paraglider passes over Lima's Costa Verde near the popular LarcoMar shopping center.

My friends over at the news source Living in Peru posted an interesting story last week about how Peru’s police force is planning to conduct regular paragliding patrols over Lima’s 90 beaches this year.

My first thought– “this is cool.”

My second thought– “is it really going to work?” (more…)

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