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This past week, President Obama headlined an event¬†to herald the continuing work and progress being made on his America’s Great Outdoors Initiative, which aims to get more Americans outside while allocating additional federal funds toward land and water conservation.

While the America’s Great Outdoors Initiative (AGO) targets all Americans, getting young people outside and enthusiastic about the outdoors is a major priority of the initiative that deserves elevated attention. For instance, one study has indicated that today¬†young people spend half as much time outside as their parents did. Childhood obesity rates have also tripled in the past 30 years. This information suggests that while getting young people outdoors will have its challenges, it will also come with great benefits.

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NBC Reporter Mark Murray produced an off-the-cuff gem earlier today by suggesting on MSNBC’s First Read blog that President Obama’s Health Care Summit was based on defeating Republicans using the William Zabka Principle.

Mark Murray, NBC's Deputy Political Director

What the heck is the William Zabka Principle you ask? Here’s how Mark Murray explains it. (more…)

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The White House's 2009 Gingerbread House

When someone recommended checking out the short video from www.whitehouse.gov I have added below about the White House’s ginger bread house, I was curious but also skeptical. The house looks pretty lame on first glance.

But after watching the video I think you’ll be just as impressed as I was by the details included in this 400 pound white chocolate beast. I also wonder if President Obama and his family will get to eat some of it on Christmas Day. Hopefully they send the leftover parts of the house to people in need so they can enjoy them. Although I bet Sasha and Malia are calling dibs on getting to eat Bo the White House dog.

If the video doesn’t satisfy all of your curiousity, for a photo of marzipan-made Bo as well as more detailed information about the gingerbread house check out the Obama Foodorama website by clicking here.

Photo of White House Gingerbread House via Obama Foodorama

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Like Atlas, the U.S. must now either take the world upon its shoulders alone or drop the ball. I say let's drop the ball on most issues.

Anne Applebaum, who writes for Slate and The Washington Post, has just published an excellent column where she persuasively argues that “no one wants America to be the sole global superpower, but no one wants to share the load.”

She uses Obama’s recent trip to China and Europe’s election of a new president and foreign minister as her primary evidence that no one really wants to engage the major foreign policy issues the Obama administration cares about. In China’s case, Applebaum writes that Chinese officials claim they are still a “developing country” that needs time before partnering on foreign policy issues with the U.S such as the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, and North Korea and Iran’s nuclear weapon ambitions.

Europe’s case is a little more puzzling from a psychological and practical standpoint. (more…)

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